St. Mary Councils & Commissions

Visionaries of the parish who help define and present future goals and objectives

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council defines the mission of the parish, discerns the need and concerns of the parish community, develops goals and priorities thatwill address these needs and concerns, calls all members of the parish to participate in the mission of the parish, and supports and encourages our pastoral staff, commission and ministeries to carry out their responsibilities.
Members  Representing          
*Dcn. Tom Fogle  Spiritual Life and Worship
*Brian Epkey             Kristina Priesman Religious Education & Youth Ministry
*Jon Sommer  Music Ministry 
Jan Baxter  Building & Grounds 
Jim Cook  Bishops Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs 
(open)New Evangelization
Christine Sloan Finance Council 
Jan Goelz  C.H.A.M.P. 
Michael Kutas (Chairperson)Member-At-Large

Art Williams Knights of Columbus 
Frank Spica  Men's Club 
 Council of Catholic Women 
Steve Tennes  Marketing & Fundraising 
*Mandy WildrenPrincipal
    *Ex Offcio   

Finance Council

Advises the pastor on finacial matters regarding the parish, prepares a plan for growth and maintains stability from year to year.
Keith Droscha (Chairperson) 
Chris Tennes
Steve Tennes 

St Mary School Fundraising Commission

Dedicated to the planning and marketing of fundraisers benefiting our parish elementary school.
Dan Bauer     Fr. David Rosenberg   
Julie Coenen      Steve Tennes (Chairperson)       
Kent Coenen         Tim Voss     
Dawn Nolan   Mandy Wildern    
Shelly RiessMargaret Yeager    

Council/Commission Reports & Other Documents

Education Commission

Listen and respond to the Holy Spirit regarding St. Mary's religious education policies, while encouraging participation and fostering opportunities for Catholic education.
Members  Ex Officio Members     
Roxanne Baker    Fr.             
April Brooks  Mandy Wildern        
Don Sare John Hulinek   
Deb Wrubel        Chris Root
  Elaine Shegitz 

Building & Grounds Commission

Jan Baxter      Ken Misiewicz  
John Hulinek         Frank Spica    
Ron Maeder  Jon Sommer 

Spriitual Life and Worship Commission

      Eunice Borrelli
Sue Nault  Jan Hankinson
Reba Sommer   
Linda Spica