Cursillo is ... An Encounter with Christ

A weekend course in Christianity,
followed up with a sustained local Community here at St Mary Parish
to help nourish your spiritual growth for a lifetime.
Cursillo is a proven means to form, sustain and link Catholics for Christ and His Church.

·        Perhaps you are a “cradle” Catholic – and have lived your life attending weekend and Holy Day Mass.  You follow God’s commandments, are a good person.  But something is missing.  Maybe you want to “take it to another level,” or are simply in need of renewed passion, energy, commitment to your Faith in God.  

·        Or maybe you are a convert to Catholicism – attended RCIA and are now looking for another connection to your church.  Sharing morning and evening prayer, the   Rosary, talking about your Faith with others, may be what will help you continue the faith journey you have been on.  

·        Have you have recently returned to the Catholic Church, and would like to get away for a weekend?  Here is an opportunity to share your faith and love of God with other fellow Catholics.

A new-found appreciation for the richness of your Church is offered to you through a Cursillo Weekend. 

Grand Ultreya

"Push Onward toward the New Jerusalem!"