MS Disciples


At St. Mary School we strive to form the total person as a disciple of Christ. It is truly a place where we shape hearts and minds in the service of Christ. In other words, religion isn't just about passing on the teachings of Christ but also to develop a personal relationship with him. As we live this relationship out we can't help but want to serve others as Jesus did. 

Each grade will learn about the virtues of discipleship and be inspired by the heroes of our Christian faith. As disciples, students will become familiar with a process of praying with Scripture called Lectio Divina, spontaneous and memorized prayer, as well as service to the school, parish, and community. 

 We have a tradition of having Music Monday and Video Thursday. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, to start having the students critically think about the things they listen to and watch. To help students understand everything we listen to and watch has the potential to be uplifting or drag us down. Periodically students suggest music and/or videos they have heard or seen.  It's a great opportunity to discuss what makes the choice good or perhaps the need for a little holy water. Secondly, raise awareness that their is a lot of great uplifting content that can appeal to everyone's interests and preferences. 

7th & 8th Grade Class Description

“Who do you Say that I am?” is the question Jesus asks each of us in Mark 8:29. 7 and 8 grade will explore the person of Jesus, the man who walked the earth some 2000 years ago and also Jesus, the Son of God, our savior. To accomplish this we use a variety of sources. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Scripture – exploring the portraits of Jesus that each Gospel writer gives us, the Blest Are We textbook: The Jesus Story and and Matthew Kelly’s book called Rediscover Jesus.

6th Grade Class Description

The 6th Graders are walking through the Bible, beginning with Genesis and working their way through Revelation using a program published by Ascension Press called the Teen Bible Timeline authored by Mark Hart. Students will be inspired to learn the Word of God as they discover people of faith and learn about God's great love for his people and us today.